Unlike most law firms, we prefer to offer solutions rather than services. Solutions are shaped around your challenges. They’re flexible and more personal. They rely on problem solving and expertise. And they’re designed to fit with your strategy, not ours.

People & Performance

From bespoke training on company contracts to industry-specific legal pitfalls – we’ll help you and your team avoid any costly mistakes.

Employment & Employees
We’ll draft employment agreements and handbooks, help if an employee relationship isn’t working out, and negotiate any packages that need agreeing. Working with our partners, we can also arrange for monthly HR support.


We help to define the founders’ relationships with each other and the company. We’ll also ensure you have the right company group structure. We advise founders and company directors on their service agreements and exits from their business.

Rather than putting in place generic templates, we’ll put together easy-to-use documents that reflect your business and how you operate, all written in plain English. These bespoke contracts can cover everything from master service agreements for your services to short form agreements that protect against working ‘at risk’, and all the whilst looking to protect your key assets and profit and in case anything goes wrong. As part of our solutions we can provide you with reviews and advice on key elements of the agreements you need to sign, all the way through to negotiating and managing the contracts on your behalf. Once an agreement is signed, and before it is stored away, we can provide you with a reference summary of the main points so you and your team can easily understand how to then use the contract in practice.

Intellectual property (IP)
We can help identify, exploit and protect the intellectual property in your work and assets – adding true value to your business. We can audit and help you understand the limits of third party IP that is used by your business, and put in place licence agreements to ensure your proposed uses are covered.

M&A and investments
Our consultants will work with founders and advisors to support the sale or purchase of a business. We can manage the entire project on your behalf, or provide targeted advice in collaboration with the wider project team.

Commercial property
We can help with the exit from your current lease and the negotiations for your new property – ensuring the move goes smoothly.

Setting up
Whether in the UK or internationally, we can help you find the right company structure, provide a start-up solution and, thanks to our network, help you expand into other key markets.

Software and related services
We help developers negotiate and understand their agreements and rights for the development, design, support and maintenance of software, avoiding the common pitfalls in high value and high-risk projects. We can help you exploit your software service online, on a direct to customer basis or through resellers and platforms.

New products & services
We help you to understand where the value and opportunities lie for your business. We can then put in place the agreements, IP registrations and corporate structure ready for roll out and we can help you identify your obligations under consumer and business laws.

Personal data & privacy
We help you to understand your GDPR obligations and uphold them – whether for your own internal personal data usage, data processing services for third parties or auditing your current personal data usage to ensure it's lawful.

How we can
work together

Our agreed fixed monthly subscriptions provide access to our solutions at the level you need, as well as cost certainty and on-demand support. We start each relationship with a success workshop to make sure we are both aligned with the same purpose and goals. We work closely with all subscription clients to become part of their team – a trusted advisor who is there when it matters.

Fixed cost
Whether project-by-project or stage-by-stage, we’ll scope out the solution you need (based on some agreed assumptions) and agree a fixed cost. We’ll try our best to provide more than one option of how we can work together.

Whenever you need us
We know sometimes you might need some out-of-the-blue support. We provide hourly and reduced day rates for all matters that fall outside of fixed cost projects.